Functional Orthodontics

Orthodontic Treatment which focuses on the Airway, TMJ, and Facial Beauty in Honolulu, Hawaii 

Orthodontics (braces) is a branch of dentistry that deals with straightening teeth and correcting  There are several types of teeth misalignment and jaw misalignment which we called malocclusion that can occur:

  • Crooked Teeth - where the  top and/or bottom jaw does not have enough room for the teeth to fit 
  • Spaces - where there are spaces between the teeth or the teeth are too small 
  • Overbite - where the bottom jaw (mandible) is too small or retruded - the top jaw overlap the bottom jaw 
  • Underbite - where the top jaw (maxilla) is too small, the bottom jaw - the bottom jaw overlap the top jaw
  • Crossbite - where the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth in one or multiple areas 
  • Openbite - where the top teeth and the bottom teeth don't meet either in the front or the back

Conventional Orthodontic (Braces) vs.  Airway, TMJ and Facial Beauty Focused Orthodontic 

Most orthodontic treatment methods only involve aligning the teeth but fail to address the root cause of the underlying problem (malocclusion). The teeth are straightened or the "bite corrected" without considering its effect on the TMJ, the airway, the smile or the facial profile. With many conventional orthodontic treatments, teeth are sometimes even extracted to make room to align the teeth. We believe this is detrimental to your health as this will shrink the top and bottom jaw, and the tongue will not have room to function and is positioned further back. This can result in a strong gag reflex in certain individuals since the tongue is in a position further in the back of the mouth due to lack of space. 

Here at our office, we focus on the long-term health of the dentofacial complex by ensuring proper alignment of the jaw first before moving the teeth to its proper position.  Dr. Keri Do recognizes that the teeth are only a by-product of what's going in the dentofacial complex. she strives to find the root cause of the malocclusion resulting in proper jaw and teeth alignment, healthy TMJ, healthy airway and an attractive face.  In addition, Dr. Do with her background in cosmetic dentistry is able to provide a beautiful smile and not just straight teeth. Dr. Do is your expert in the areas of orthodontics which focuses on health, beauty, and long term stability. Please view our website and let us know how we can help you.